Callie Cay

90’s baby. 5 year old in a 23 year old body.

Central Michigan University. Major: Interior Design. Minor: Dance.

God first. Family second. Friends always.

Beverage of choice: water, sweet tea, and Virgil’s root beer.

Young Living Valor = security blanket because I’m 5.

Lover of:

Jesus. The Bible. Worship.

Hugs. Kids. Adventure.

Organization. Flowers. Vinyl records.

Vintage everything. Beatles Guru. Take me to the 1920s, 1960s, 1970s, & 1980s.

Baking. KitchenAid mixers. Eating healthy. And chocolate…always chocolate.

Dressing up. Big glasses. Sassy haircuts. Curls.

LulaRoe. Toms. Birks. and Vera.

Sonia Kashuk. Young Living Essential Oils. Apple.

Photography. Furniture. Design.

Ardent. Humble. Real. Brazen. Steadfast.

Fiercely Loves.

Callie Cay Cursive Pink


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