Love Conquers All

Quite a few years ago, in the midst of college, I prayed a very simple prayer that changed my life. I prayed that God would break my heart for what breaks His. At the time it was such an innocent prayer and I had no idea how one single prayer would change my life.

It wasn’t long after I prayed that prayer that someone from my graduating class in high school passed away. I remember waking up and finding out this person, who I didn’t know very well, was gone. And I sobbed. All day long. I skipped my classes (sorry mom) and sat at the church and just let myself cry and pray while I worked on homework. It was the first time that my heart broke for the world. Where my heart was broken for something that didn’t happen to me directly or directly effect me.

And here I am, years later, feeling so so broken. The last few years have been filled with so much broken, hurt, and pain. They’ve been filled with crime, death, hurtful words, and fighting.

The last few days I’ve felt heavy. I’ve felt my heart aching and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until today. You see, we live in a society where we know tragedy is happening while it’s still occurring. We are immersed in a culture of social media, where we have information at our fingertips. And while this can be beneficial and useful, it can also create hate, pain, and suffering. We can’t unsee things we’ve seen. We can’t unhear words we’ve heard. So today I woke up and realized that I’ve felt heavy and my heart has been aching for one big huge reason; it’s broken, smashed, and shattered on the floor for the world. It’s as if someone ripped my heart out of my chest, threw it on the floor, and repeatedly stomped on it.

I’ve watched videos and seen pictures of what happened in Las Vegas the other night. And oh my heart! My heart hurts for the families and friends who lost loved ones. My heart hurts for the people who were at the concert and can’t unsee or unexperience the things that happened that night. My heart aches for the innocent who lost their lives.

Hate isn’t the answer y’all. The answer is love. The answer is Jesus. The answer is letting our knees crash to the floor and crying out to Jesus to have mercy on such a broken, desperate world. To pray for peace over everyone in Las Vegas.

Let’s stop “taking sides” and let’s let love conquer all. Let’s be a nation that links arms with one another. A nation that sees no color, gender, or age, but rather sees a hurting brother or sister and reaches out a hand to help. Let’s be a nation of love because love conquers all.



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