Go Find Your People

And just like that I’m writing again. Gosh I wish it were actually that easy. It’s not. It’s taken hard work, discipline, and mass amounts of encouragement and accountability. 

Can I tell you a little about the last year of my life? I got dumped. I attended 8 weddings right after I got dumped. I stuffed my feelings. I went back to college for my final semester. I finally felt all my feelings and started the healing process. I graduated from college. I moved back home. I got involved at a church that I now call home. I joined a small group. And I found my tribe. 

See the key there, is that last summer I was in a dark place. I didn’t entirely know how dark of a place I was in because I was just numb. I went through the motions. I celebrated but I never felt. I barely cried (which is a big deal because I cry about everyyything!). And then one day, God wrecked me. I got angry and I cried. I felt for the first time in almost 5 months. And I finally started to heal. 

Fast forward to now. I’ve gotten involved in a small group and I’ve found my people; my tribe. And when I think about how much love for them I have, or how much they love me, or how blessed I am to have them in my life, I cry. Tears of happiness and joy. 

Why tears of happiness and joy? Because these people push me closer to Jesus everyday. Because right now I’m in a season of transition and preparation. And I feel breakthrough on the horizon. I see prosper in my future. And for the first time ever, I’m not slamming on the brakes and running from Jesus. I’m not running from growth. I’m pressing in. And it’s hard and it’s messy and it hurts. But it’s beautiful and so worth it. And I have some awesome people standing by my side fighting for me. Encouraging me. Loving me. And holding me accountable. They show up daily. And it’s been such a blessing. 

These people, they show me Jesus daily. God shines through them. They love big. They give life their all. They’d move mountains if anyone in their life asked them to. They get me. We get each other. And we’re walking together hand in hand through this wild transition season of life. 

So here I am. Writing again. All because God shows up. Because He is faithful. And because He has blessed me with some incredible people who not just push me toward Him but shove me in His direction when I’m stubborn and need a little shove.

So I have no idea what season of life you’re in. But fight with everything you’ve got to find your people. The people who show up without you even asking. Because it’ll change your life. It’ll change the way you see the world. It’ll change the way you see our big, faithful God. 

Go find your people. 

xoxo Cal 


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