Don’t Let Your Future Be An Idol

I’ve wanted to write this for a while but I’ve been too chicken to actually publish it for the world to see. But here goes nothing.

Last May I went through a breakup. And as I tried to navigate that while watching 8 different couples get married, I somehow made myself numb to how I actually felt. And then one day in the fall, I had a huge wake up call and I realized how not okay I was. As I finished out my last semester of college, I was having to make all of these big decisions. Decisions like where I want to live and what type of job I want within my field. And it was as I was trying to make those decisions that I realized I didn’t know myself. You see, that boy that broke up with me; I had my life planned out with him. I thought I was going to marry him. And with one sentence spoken, my whole future came crashing down around me. 

Now if you had talked to me then, I would have told you how confused I was. But now, I get to tell you how grateful I am. Grateful because in what seemed like my world crashing down around me, was actually God preparing me for something far greater than I ever could have imagined. 

So now to the part that’s weighed heavy on my heart for weeks now. It makes my heart ache watching so many young women pining after men. Women whose worth is being found in the fantasy of a future. A future with someone who doesn’t even exist in their life yet. 

See here’s the reality, God never promised us a husband. He promised us His unending love. And while I believe that God will bless many of us with spouses; I also recognize that His plan is far greater than mine ever could be. 

So ladies, I know what it’s like to sit around pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest. And praying for your future husband is fantastic. But stop making your future an idol above Jesus. Pray for your future person only after your heart is so lost in Jesus that you live and breathe Him first before anything else. 

And finally, live in freedom. Live in the freedom of a real, vulnerable, authentic faith. Using your season of singleness to invest in the world around you. Use your singleness to bless the people in your life. Be a force for the kingdom. 

Stop obsessing over boys and start obsessing over God and His Kingdom. Wake up and go to work for Jesus. Stop living in a fantasy world that will never measure up to the story that God will unfold in your life. 

Hit your knees and pray. Wake up and trust Him. And use your singleness to glorify Jesus and make His name known. 




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