A Call To Prayer

I don’t do politics. I don’t watch the news. Mostly because it scares me. But social media keeps me informed. Many of you reading this will probably frown upon my lack of knowledge but oh well.

It was probably 4 or 5 years ago I started praying that the Lord would break my heart for what breaks His. And guess what; He did. And He still does.

The past year has been turmoil in the world. I can’t decide if it’s just me getting older and understanding tragedy more or if evil is more present than before. Maybe social media plays a role in that too. Who knows? All I know is it’s happening.

I’m not going to take a side on any of it though because at the root of everything, it’s not about the color of our sin, who we identify as, or what our career is. It’s about evil in the world.

We are all God’s children. His desire for us is to love Him and abide in the laws He’s laid out for us. Not because He wants us to miss out but because He wants good for us. He wants us to live full satisfied lives.

So as we see the wold around us falling apart; evil making his presence known, we must not sit around.

As followers of Jesus we must fight. But not fight by worldly standards. We must fight in prayer. Pray for the world. Pray big prayers. I truly believe that if we stop condemning the world and start praying, the Lord will move like He never has before.

So pray. Pray hard. Pray big. Don’t take sides and don’t fight like the world. See people the way God sees His people. Be the peace the world needs!

This is your call to pray boldly friend.

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