Vulnerability is key to any healthy relationship. You form an uncanny bond when you’re real, raw, and vulnerable.

In the past 4 years that I’ve been involved in the church at my university, I’ve met many individuals and have learned how to be raw and vulnerable with them. I’ve learned how to share my heart with them. How to lay the broken pieces on the table and let the people around me encourage me while I piece myself back together.

So why is it so easy to be raw and vulnerable with the people we encounter in life but so hard to be vulnerable with Jesus? Why is it so hard to bare our hearts and show Him true vulnerability?

It is in the times where I find myself truly vulnerable with Jesus that I experience the most healing. In the moments where I don’t sugarcoat things. So often I find myself talking to Jesus with this mask on. Like, “today was a good day and I’m fine.” But in all reality, I’m not fine. I’m angry or sad or upset. Maybe I’m joyful, or excited. Who knows. But I do know that raw genuine relationship with Jesus is a game changer.

When I’m mad, I tell Jesus I’m mad. And I tell Him why I’m mad. Or why I’m hurting. And you know what? I usually experience some kind of peace that can only be explained by faith in a really big God. A God who care so much about His children.

I encourage you to just sit in the presence of the Lord and be vulnerable. Show Him whatever you need to show Him and expect that He’ll show up in your life because He will.

Have faith friend. Be vulnerable and raw and authentic. Don’t wear a mask. Let Jesus wipe your tears, give you peace, and make you whole again.

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