Fierce Love

The past couple months have been a time of change, reflection, and healing. As I talked to a dear friend, she shared with me that she had learned that she had to come to terms with the truth that when you love people big, you’re going to get hurt because people are messy and sticky. That resonated with me. It hit home.

As I continue to figure out who I am, I realize how much God has created me to love big. I love so much it hurts. I love people when it’s easy and I love people when it hurts. Sometimes my heart aches physically because of the love I get to pour out. I carry people’s burdens, even when they don’t ask me to.

God created me to love abundantly. To love boundlessly. People will hurt me. People will fail me. But my God never will, and He’ll fill the cracks in my broken heart with more of His love that I can share with the world around me.

I want to love people something fierce. defines fierce as:

menacingly wild, savage, or hostile

violent in force, intensity, etc.

furiously eager or intense

Informal. extremely bad or severe

I want to love people with intensity, furiously eager, and severely. I want to love people with my whole heart; with my whole being.
As people fail me, hurt me, and leave me, I won’t let my heart get jaded. I won’t stop fiercely loving people just because people hurt me.
This world is just made up of really broken people trying to learn about love and grace. Broken people need love.
I am committed to following Jesus and to becoming who He made me to be and that means loving people fiercely. So here’s to fierce love.
Go love someone big today; I promise it’ll fill your heart!
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 9.52.33 PM

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