As we grow, as we age, we experience new seasons of life. If we look back on where we’ve come from, we can all see the ebb and flow of life; different seasons we’ve been through. Different seasons teach us different things. I look back on the short life I’ve lived so far and I can see many seasons I’ve walked through. Seasons of love, joy, heartache, sadness, trials, triumphs. Seasons of adventure, change, and growth.

Each season teaches us something new. Some seasons are fun. Some are joyous. Some are hard. But as I endure hard seasons in life, I realize that it’s the hard seasons that set me up for the joyous seasons. The seasons where I’m on my knees crying out to the Lord; those are the seasons I look back on in the joyous seasons and thank God for teaching me the lessons He did.

In all honesty, the season I’m in right now…yea, it sucks. My heart aches. I’m in a season of change; a season of mourning. I’m mourning the loss of a friendship ending. I’m mourning the loss of what was and learning to embrace what is to come. Relationships ending. People graduating. Friends getting married. Loved ones scattering. It’s hard. College has brought me some incredible people. I’m excited and sad all in one breath. Joyous for the lives and commitments my friends are making; sad for the see you laters.

Change is hard. Learning to embrace it is even harder. Clinging to Jesus and trusting His plan, it’s worth every tear, every prayer, every moment of trust.

Embracing seasons of life is hard but in the end it’s so worth it. Knowing that in the end, God will provide and you’ll walk out of the season learning something new gives hope. Each passing season of life is beautiful.

Embrace. That’s my word right now. Embrace life. Embrace the seasons. Embrace the hurt and pain. And then rejoice. Rejoice in life. Rejoice in seasons. Rejoice in the hurt and pain. Embrace and rejoice in all that life has to offer. Don’t take a moment, a person for granted.

Seasons are hard. They’re fun. Painful. Joyous. Embrace it all. Learn from it. Look back and reflect on where you’ve come from. Trust that God has a plan and that in the midst of the hardest season, God will be faithful.

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