Be alone and rest

In a world where we have people and information at our fingertips, I find it harder and harder to be alone. It’s so easy to pick up the phone and browse Facebook, Instagram, and text or call someone. It’s so difficult to be alone. I find that I don’t know how to enjoy myself.

The Lord has placed me in a season of aloneness. I’m newly single, I have a longer commute to work, and I’m traveling to weddings and wedding related events on the weekends. I have so much alone time, and yes I could call people but I’m learning how to truly be alone and enjoy that time. I’m learning how to seek Jesus in my aloneness. I’m learning to seek Him before I seek the people around me.

I’m learning how to seek Jesus in the chaos of life. I’m learning the importance of rest. After God created the world, He rested. I knew before the summer even started that I over committed myself but I also knew that the events I committed to were events that were once in a lifetime events that are so glorifying to the Lord.

As an introvert I really enjoy time away from people. I’ve learned during college how to recharge very quickly. I very much enjoy being with people and loving people with every ounce of my being but I also know that I need to rest and recharge without other people. This summer has challenged me in relying on Jesus when I’m exhausted and having nothing left to give to the people around me and trusting that He will provide exactly what they need through me.

In my aloneness, I’ve learned how to cry out to Jesus. I’m just a broken girl living in a broken world. I need Jesus. No human being will ever be able to piece together my broken heart. I’m learning to run toward Jesus. To be vulnerable with Him. To trust Him.

Jesus won’t fail me. He hears my cry. He runs toward me with open arms and scoops me up. He helps me pick up the pieces of my broken heart and piece it back together with His love, like a glue that perfectly holds my heart together like nothing else every could. And He does that for you too.

When you’re feeling empty, broken, and alone, embrace it. Embrace yourself. Learn to enjoy yourself. Learn to enjoy your own thoughts. Learn to cry out to Jesus with a vulnerability like never before. Learn to rest.

I challenge you to spend time resting and doing what you love. For me, that’s worship music and writing. I’ve never known it before how therapeutic writing is for me. Writing (with the help of Jesus too) is healing my heart. I’m experiencing Him like I never have before. And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Do you. Be you. Embrace yourself. Learn to love aloneness. Seek Jesus. Cry out to Him. Heal.

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