#CallieTakesMarket Day 2

What an incredible start to my first Furniture Market! First off, I actually got some solid sleep last night which was much needed! This morning I got up and on my way into High Point I stopped at Chick-Fil-A and got some real southern sweet tea for the day!

Once I arrived at the Vanguard Showroom, Kathy and I started studying what we learned yesterday.

The entire day today was Walk Through. It’s exactly what it sounds like; we walk through the showroom (all 4 floors) and we learn what is new in each collection and we take notes in the huge binder they provide for us. It is a little overwhelming how much I am learning. Almost everyone has been to Market before and knows Vanguard Furniture well. I’m essentially learning everything brand new and seeing everything for the first time. Did I mention how big this building is??? Like soooo big I can’t even explain.

So everyone at Vanguard treats me so well! I actually feel like an adult (which is weird because let’s be real…I’m like a 5 year old). I even have my own name tag and business cards!


So that binder is essentially my bible for Furniture Market. It tells me about every piece of furniture in that entire 4 story building. And can we just talk about how official I feel with a name tag? Like #adulting for realllll.

My brain feels like mush after such a long day of taking in so much information. But I’m super pumped to go back tomorrow and learn even more!

On my way home I stopped at my favorite southern restaurant, Chick-Fil-A for some dinner. It was extremely satisfying!


I had an incredible but exhausting day. I’m about to head to bed. And just because I’m feeling silly, here are a few selfies because we all need selfies of what our “professional” wardrobe looks like.




Goodnight world! I’ll be back with more tomorrow 🙂 And maybe even with some beautiful pictures from the Showroom.

Callie Cathryn


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