#CallieTakesMarket Day 1

So I decided a while ago that while I was here in North Carolina for Furniture Market I would blog my experience so I can not only share it with all of you but so that I can look back on what my first Furniture Market experience was like.

Due to the crazy adventure I had on day 1, this post is coming to you a day late. So you get to read two posts tonight!

Day 1. What a journey! Monday night I drove from Mount Pleasant to Grand Rapids and spent the night with a friend. I got up at 4am Tuesday morning so I could be to the airport by 4:30am. My first flight took off from the Gerald R. Ford Airport at 6:45am.


I was really nervous about going through airport security and I’m also a very anxious flyer. Well, long story short, I made it through security no problem by 5:15am. So I sat and waited and read and studied for market. As I was getting ready to board I put some Valor Essential Oil on my wrist. Valor is my comfort oil. It does for me what a “blankie” does for a child. I feel calm and secure.

So once I boarded the plane, I sat and prayed and listened to worship music. And then I watched one of the most incredible sunrises I’ve ever seen before. I watched the sunrise above the clouds. Like can we just take that in? How cool and big is God!? I cannot express how in awe of God I was upon seeing that sunrise. Like I was sitting on the plane about to burst into tears at the beauty of it all.

Just have a look!




Isn’t it beautiful!?

So once I arrived at the Detroit Airport I killed some time buy doing my hair and makeup in the airport bathroom. Then I sat and read some more. By time I boarded the airplane I was ready for a nap. I slept for most of my second flight but I did manage to get some pretty awesome views of clouds and mountains.





Once I arrived at the airport in Greensboro I picked up my rental car and headed to the Vanguard Showroom to start my week! Kathy jumped right in as soon as I arrived.


We had a meeting to talk about Vanguard and what the week would look like and then we started the Walk Through.

I went to dinner with Kathy and had an incredible steak as well as these great gouda mashed potatoes. After dinner I headed to the store to pick up a few snacks for the week and some office supplies Kathy and I needed.

I arrived at the hotel around 9:15pm, checked into my room, got situated, and then headed to bed!



Stay tuned for more about my market adventures 🙂

Callie Cathryn


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