One Month Update

When I started this blog I decided that I wanted it to fully encompass my life. I didn’t want it to just reflect one topic but rather reflect every aspect of my life. So I would like to update you on my first month of classes.

This first month of classes has flown by incredibly fast! It feels like just yesterday I moved in! I came into this year knowing and expecting that I would be busy but the Lord had even busier plans for me than I had for myself.

I am really involved in my church His House Christian Church CMU. I had decided last spring that I wasn’t going to lead anything this year but I was going to mentor 3 girls. Well, there were some big changes that happened at our church over the summer and the Lord pushed me to step into a Lifegroup leader position again. If we are being honest, I really wasn’t in a place last year to be leading a Lifegroup (my heart just wasn’t in it like I wanted it to be). But this year, well that’s a different story.

This year I am living with 9 INCREDIBLE women who all love Jesus with their whole hearts and push me to passionately pursue Him with my whole heart. I feel filled with the Lord’s love all the time. I’m on fire for Jesus again and I can’t tell you how amazing that is!

In terms of school, I am really enjoying my special user groups studio class. We are learning to design for individuals with disabilities, aging adults, and children. My eyes have been opened to see the world in a whole new light. I have this new understanding of the difficulties that people have with everyday tasks that I take for granted.

One week ago I had an experience like that myself. I lost my peripheral vision in my left eye for an hour. Not only was it scary but it was also frustrating. Normal tasks like reading were incredibly difficult.

As busy as my life is right now, all I can do it sit in awe of how incredible the Lord is. He orchestrates things so beautifully in such incredible timing. Over this past month I have been so blessed by the people in my life.

For example, This girl right here. This is Alexandra. She’s my roommate and our story together started two years ago when she attended a Lifegroup that I was leading at the time. This girl is so on fire for Jesus and to see how much He’s grown her in the past month…it’s astounding. She blessed me in ways that I never imagined. I am so thankful for the love she gives so abundantly. She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known. And the laughter and sassiness that ensues when we are together, now that is a gift from God Himself.


I also have had the opportunity to make my room my own. It is my little sanctuary. And the picture below shows part of my room. I LOVE what I am going into and the fact that I can make sanctuaries for other people someday.


That picture also encompasses one of the best gifts. That cool rack that is holding my Young Living Essential Oils, that was a drawer from old type letters. My family got it for me for my birthday and it not only is the perfect storage but it fits so well into my room!

And one last shout out to this guy right here. I am so thankful to have him in my life. From day one he has laughed with me, wiped my tears, and pushed me to be the best I can possibly be. God knew what He was doing when He created Andrew. I’m so grateful for all the memories we have made and all the memories I know we will make. So here’s a throwback to one of our greatest adventures together. Andrew, you’re more than I could ever ask for in a man.


Stay tuned for more frequent updates on what’s going on in my life.


Callie Cathryn


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